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Product Details


Details and Application:

pfa polymer


Translucent particle,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 6%


Product use:

DS702: Used to produce lining of pipe, valve , pump and bearing


DS701: Used to produce pipe, insulation jacket of wire, membranes


DS700: Extrusion process, mainly used to produce the jackets of wire and cable


DS708: Used to produce high-speed extruded wire and cable

pfa teflon

Storage &Package:

1.Packing : in woven plastic bag with inner PE bag of 25kg net each


2.Stored in clean, cook and dry places to avoid contamination in


3.Nontoxic, noninflammable, inexplosive, no corrosion, transported as non-dangerous products.


The processing temperature should not be exceed 425, to prevent PFA decomposition and equipment corrosion.

Our Delivery:

We have our own transportation team, and the trucks go to Qingdao and Shanghai ports every day.This team ensure the timeliness of logistics for you.

PTFE powder

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We have been working in this area since 2004,we have a complete product system and service team. If you have any question, pls tell us freely. Our professional sales will follow your business and recommend the suitable products to you.

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