Resin PFA for Extrusion, Injection, Valve Lining

Resin PFA for Extrusion, Injection, Valve Lining
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Basic Info

Model NO.:DS701/702/700/708Synthetic Resin:Polyamide Resin
Natural Resin:RosinCharacteristic:Thermoplastic Resin
Molecular Principal Chain:Carbon Chain PolymerColor:Transparent
Origin:ShandongHS Code:39046900

Product Description
Polyfluoroalkoxy resin (PFA) is the copolymer of TFE and PSVE , with good
thermal stability, outstanding chemical interness, good electrical insulation, and
low coefficient of friction, enabling extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and
other general thermoplastic molding for processing methods.

Technical Index



AppearanceTranslucent particle, with impurities such as metle
debris and sand,containing visible black particles
percentage point less than 2%

Melt Flow Rate(372ºC/5kg)g/10min0.8-2.52.6-66.1-1212.1-1616.1-24>24.1
Standard Relative Densityg/m32.12-2.17

Melting PointºC300-310

Temperature RengeºC260

Tensile Strength(23ºC)≥Mpa323028262424
Elongation at break(23ºC)≥%300300350350350350
water absorption, <%0.01

Main Applications
DS702: mainly for pumps, valves, piping and lining, mebrane, joint and some bearing.
DS701: mainly used for wire insulation layer, tubes, film, and so on.
DS700: Extrusion processed for generic type resin, mainly used for wire insulation
layer, Multi-core cable sheath and so on.
DS708: Mainly for aviation, aerospace and chemical industry, high-speed extrusion wire and cable, It is more economical when used in where no high stress cracking resistance is required.


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