PTFE Powder 100% purity Molding Resin Seal Tapes

Product Details

PTFE Fine Powder for seal tape

Appearance:clean and white surface

PTFE DF-101,bns_

Main specification of PTFE fine powder:


PTFE Fine Powder 

                  Excellent  Grade

 Smoothness and Cleaness

             Clean & white surface

 Tensile Strength, (Mpa)≥





 Elongation at Rupture, (%)≥





 Volume Density, (g/L)


 Extrude pressure, ( RR100) Mpa


 Average Grain, ( μ m)


 Moisture Content, (%)≤


 Melting Point, (℃)


 Stand Relative Density


 Thermal Inst, Index,  ≤


 Electric Strength, (KV/MM)≤


The ideal  material for seal tape:

ptfe seal tape

The storage and package:


2.It should be stored in clean & dry places, and the temperature range is 5~30℃.

The logistics:

We have our own transportation teams, our trucks go to Qingdao port and Shanghai port every day.This team ensure the timeliness of logistics for you.

PTFE powder

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