PFA Resin for high-speed extruded wire and cable

PFA Resin for high-speed extruded wire and cable
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Product Details

Basic Info.

Characteristic:Thermoplastic Resin
Specification:Standard export package

Origin:Shandong, China


Product Description

 1. Properties:
PFA its chemical stability properties, physical and mechanical performance, Electrical insulating properties, lubricity, not sticky, aging and incombustible are very fine, all and assembled tetrachloroethylene similar. Also has the same tetrachloroethylene and assembled the thermal stability, the long-term use of temperature for - 250 ~ 260 ° C, its thermo-decomposing temperature 260° C above.
Its outstanding characteristic is to have good thermoplastic. Its high mechanical strength than ordinary gather tetrachloroethylene high 2 times or so, such as 250 ° C when ordinary PTFE tensile strength to 4.9 Mpa, while only can melt PTFE is 13.72 Mpa, for room temperature 1/2-1/3.

2. Specifications
1)fine heat resistance and cold resistance
2)fine mechanicalness
3)breaking resistance
4)direct manufacturers
5)high purity
6)Great thermostability and chemistry corrosion resistance

3. Usage: Suitable for electrical and electronic industry insulating layer, high frequency and UHF wire insulation, electronic devices, insulation parts cable insulation and sheath, connector plug, Bearing insulation, printed circuit boards, electrostatic megaphone to use membrane, etc.
Especially the small size thin-wall insulation line, its processing speed is more then General PTFE twined materials many times.

4. Application: Its widely used in acid resistance, alkali resistance injection and valve lining products, high-temperature resistance electric wire and cable.

5. Packaging and shipping
PFA grain 25kg per bag. Resin electronically, storage warehouse and transportation process should be kept clean, dry, presenting mixed impurity; Avoid strenuous vibration and sunlight and rain, defend packing damage. 
Physical performance Proportion(g/CM3) 2.12-2.17
  Melting Point(°C) 300-310
  Melt Index(g/10min)  ≥0.8
Mechanical properties
Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥ 24
  Elongation at break(%) ≥ 300
  hardness 60
  coefficient of dynamic friction 0.04
Thermal properties Continuous highest use temperature(°C)260
  coefficient of linear expansion*105(K-1) 15