Nonionic Polyacrylamide

Nonionic Polyacrylamide
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Sewage treatment agents:when sewage shows acidic suspension,use as flocculant for most  appropriate,especiallly used with the inorganic flocculant,the effect of water treatment is best;


Textile Industry:Add same other chemicals can be made into a chemical slurry,for textile sizing.


Sand control and sand-fixation:At a certain concentration by adding cross-linking agent,spraying in the desert,the solidified films can control and fixing sand.In arid areas can be used as agents of soil moisture,can also be used in the construction industry,construction dehydration,interior wall paint and so on.



Storage & Package:

1.Stored in Ventilated,Cool,Clean and Dry places

2.Net Weight 25kg/bag

3.Should be Transported as non-dangerous product, avoiding heat, moisture & strong shock.





Solid Content 


Molecular Weight (Million)

Ion Degree


Dissolving Time (Min)

White Granule






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