Sodium Hydroxide Main Purposes

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) USES a very wide. Used in the papermaking, the soap, dyes, rayon, aluminium, oil refining, sorting, the purification of coal tar products, cotton goods, and food processing, wood processing and machinery industry, etc. Specific as follows:


Sodium hydroxide is widely applied in the national economy, many industrial departments require sodium hydroxide. Using sodium hydroxide most departments are the manufacture of chemicals, followed by paper, aluminium, tungsten smelting, rayon, viscose and soap manufacturing. In addition, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceutical and organic intermediates, old rubber regeneration, sodium metal, the electrolysis of water and inorganic salt production, producing borax, chromium salt, manganese acid salt, phosphate, etc., it will use a lot of caustic soda.

The paper

Sodium hydroxide in the papermaking industry plays an important role. Because of its basic characteristics, it was used in the process of boiling and bleaching sheet.

The food industry

Sodium hydroxide can be widely used in the following production process: the container cleaning process; Starch processing process; The preparation of carboxymethyl cellulose process; The manufacturing process of sodium glutamate.

Water treatment

Caustic soda is widely used in water treatment. In the sewage treatment plant, the sodium hydroxide by neutralization reaction reduce water hardness. In the industrial field, it is the regeneration of ion exchange resin regeneration agent. Sodium hydroxide is strongly alkaline, and it has a relatively high soluble in water. Because the sodium hydroxide has a relatively high soluble in water, so easy to measure the dosage, it is convenient to use in various fields of water treatment.

Sodium hydroxide is used in water treatment of the following topics: eliminate water hardness; Adjust the pH of the water; For waste water neutralization; Eliminated by precipitation of heavy metal ions in water; Regeneration of ion exchange resin.

Synthetic fibers and textiles

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