PEEK Resin For Enameled Wire

PEEK Resin For Enameled Wire

Enameled wire is one type of winding wire. It is composed of conductor and insulation layer. Our PEEK granular 550G can replace tranditional  insulation material PP, PE, Rubber and PTFE to be the new insulation layer, and can be used in the Military Field and Nuclear Electrical Field.

PEEK is a linear aromatic semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, retaining the typical insulation of plastic, based on the chemical resistance, it has both excellent high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and high-voltage breakdown strength. Most of the traditional enameled wire  can only meet the low temperature(100℃) under the insulation requirements, the mechanical properties and electrical properties have decrease significantly under high temperature. But enameled wire made from PEEK resin has specially high temperature resistance, variety radiation resistance and high-voltage breakdown strength:

  1. High temperature resistance. PEEK enameled wire can be used under 150℃ for a long term and can still maintain excellent electrical properties and mechanical properties; at 260℃, it can still keep the insulation character in low-voltage low-load conditions

  2. Radiation Resistance. PEEK materials has excellent resistance to variety of radiationTraditional plastics will degrade in a short time under γ-ray irradiation while PEEK can withstand high-dose gamma radiation of 10^9 Rad, and maintain the performance.

  3. High-voltage breakdown strength. 0.2mm thickness of the PEEK coating can resist the high voltage of 10,000Volts.