Why put soft PTFE board in the stairs

The molecular structure of the F-C bond of polytetrafluoroethylene makes it relatively stable compared to other substances, and its friction coefficient can be as small as 0.04, which is a product with very small friction coefficient among all substances. In the design of the staircase, the designer thought of how to choose the appropriate material for the sliding support of the staircase, so he chose the Teflon board for the staircase.

The use of polytetrafluoroethylene sheet for stairs is a requirement of social development and progress. The damage of earthquake disasters is sometimes unpredictable, and various prevention awareness is constantly increasing. The design of Teflon for stairs is to consider the effectiveness of stairway as a safe passage in the event of an earthquake. Everyone knows that a high-rise building earthquake is coming, and elevators cannot be taken. This is familiar to everyone, but escape from disasters, and stairs have become the choice of most people. In emergency situations, Teflon boards for stairs are not attached to the main building or The earth vibrates violently with the same frequency, thereby reducing the destructive effect of the earthquake on its stairs, and the stairs use the characteristics of the small coefficient of friction of the polytetrafluoroethylene sheet to become a sliding support during the vibration, so that before the house faces a small vibration or collapse, The delayed collapse of the stairs increased the chance of escape.

PTFE board in the stairs

1. It has the vertical rigidity and elastic deformation of ordinary plastic plates, and can withstand vertical loads and adapt to rotation. We use the low coefficient of friction (μ≤0.08) between polytetrafluoroethylene plate and stainless steel plate to make the horizontal displacement of the building superstructure Unlimited.

2. With corrosion resistance, aging resistance, self-lubricating and high insulation properties, it is widely used in construction.

3. In the event of an earthquake, the sliding staircase can be used as an independent unit alone, with small amplitude vibration, instead of violently shaking with the main building or the earth, thereby reducing the destructiveness of the earthquake, ensuring safe passages during the earthquake, and enabling personnel Evacuate in time.