The Trends of Fluoropolymer coating

The Trends & Opportunities of Fluoropolymer coating

The expanding application of fluoropolymer coating in various industries, and their consequent prosperity, are the primary factors driving the global market for the same. In the automotive industry, fluoropolymer are used in various parts such as ball bearings in order to impact friction and resist corrosion. In the aerospace sector, fluoropolymer coating are applied in cabin interiors, wheels, and bearings to resist fire and corrosion. The building and construction industry is currently thriving in several emerging economies, wherein fluoropolymer coating are useful for paints, sealants, and adhesives to add durability. A number of cooking appliances such as mixing blades, non-stick cookware, cutting blades, and molds use fluoropolymer coating. The electronic industry is flourishing too, and thereby driving the demand for fluoropolymer coating, using it for protective coating and insulation. Owing to its high durability, PVDF based coating are extensively used in the agriculture sector for coating of post-formed steel sheets or metal coils as well as architectural aluminum surfaces. 

Currently, the building and construction industry account for the maximum demand for fluoropolymer coating by a considerable margin ahead of the second most profitable end-use industry of automotive. 

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