The Difference Between High-DensityPTFE Tape And Low-Density PTFE Tape

In pipe installation engineering, Teflon tape is often required. Generally, everyone will go directly to the building materials store on the street to buy it. I believe that everyone must not know the Teflon tape in addition to the length, width and thickness specifications. It also has the important parameter of density. It is also the basis for judging the quality of Teflon tape. .

High-density Teflon tape is more durable than regular Teflon tape, and many times it is over three. That's because: the same volume of Teflon tape, high-density Teflon tape can be 3-5 times more than the number of faucets. It is also said that a uniform number of faucets, ordinary Teflon tape may use three rolls, and high-density Teflon tape only needs one roll is enough.


Secondly, the high-density Teflon tape has a smooth surface and no embossing after pressing. Each roll is full and full. Compared to winding a faucet, ordinary Teflon tape may need to be wound 8-10 times. High-density Teflon tape only needs to be wrapped around 3-5 times, so it saves time and effort and improves engineering efficiency. Compared with the low-density Teflon tape, a deep impression is left by hand pressing, and high-density Teflon tape can improve work efficiency.