PVDF for Coating

Basic Info

Model NO.:DS2011Material:PVDF
Usage:Engineering PlasticsColor:White
Package:Paper DrumSpecification:export standard
HS Code:3904Production Capacity:100tons/Month

DS2011 PVDF for coating can be used in PVDF coating for aluminum, galvanized steel, aluminized steel.
DS2011 PVDF for coating mixed with acrylic resin, additive, and become superior performance baking PVDF fluorocarbon coatings. Compare with others PVDF powder, DS2011 is more suited in finishing and light color coatings of fluorocarbon coatings.
DS2011  as raw materials, the fluorocarbon coatings have good mechanical strength, tenacity, good irradiation resistant, excellent adverse weather conditions resistant, and durability in wide temperature range.

Item Typical  Values Standard
Description White  solid  powder, no  impurity  
Odor None  
Standard  specific  gravity 1.74-1.77 ASTM  D792, at  23/23deg. C
Melting  point 156-165C ASTM  D3418, 10deg. C  /min
Melt  index 0-2.0g/10min ASTM  D1238, 230deg. C  , 10kg
Moisture  content Max0.05% Wt. loss  at  110deg. C  /2hr
Purity Min99.5%  
Thermal  decomposition  temperature 382-393  deg. C TGA, 1%Wt. loss. N2
Solubility Transparent  solution,   no  impurity  
Hegman  fineness 4-7 D1210. B