PEEK resin's advantage for enameled wire

Peek is attached to the copper wire in the molten state. So the processing technology requirements for the peek enameled wire are very high.


Improvement of purity:

Peek resin as an enameled wire cladding material, requires absolute purity, meanwhile peek itself is formed by the organic matter through the polymerization of metal salts. Conventional peek products will retain small molecular polymer and trace metal ions. Low molecular polymer is easy to cause partial carbonization during heating and extruding under low temperature. And the metal ion may affect the insulation of the coating layer.  

In order to makeup this shortcomings, we developed this ultra-pure ultrafiltration PEEK resin by improve the purification process after polymerization. So we can remove the residual trace metal ions and small moleculars in the material to meet the basic requirements of the wire.


Improvement of continuous extrusion process

Unlike traditional polymer coating layer, PEEK hs much higher requirements on processing. It need to be control the heating temperature, melt viscosity, cooling process and crystal morphology. With the melting point of 343, it need to ensure the full melting of raw materials , and also need to control the temperatures effect to the materials viscosity. If the materials viscosity is high, the thickness of the layer may not uniformed; if low, the extrusion material may easily get sag , form the thickness difference.

After thousands times of testing, we have achieved with the continuous production. Use our PEEK resin as the enameled wire coating layer, we can improve the product reliability and durability, and can entend the enameled wires service life by 300%.