Material requirements and characteristics for PVDF Resin

Material requirements and characteristics for PVDF Resin

Fluorine atoms of the largest electrical negative performance makes the formation of the fluorocarbon bond is very strong, with its unique molecular symmetry structure, make the PVDF has exceptional stability, resistance to ultraviolet photolysis properties and excellent insulating performance and mechanical performance, bainaisi PVDF fluorocarbon resin molecular structure of resin and polymer arrangement and particle size distribution with similar foreign products are very similar, all data in the dupont analysis in detail.


A.PVDF resin has the following characteristics: High tensile strength and impact strength, excellent wear resistance, stiffness and flexibility; Good thermal stability Excellent uv and radiation resistance Excellent electrical and flame retardant properties Good chemical resistance and excellent permeability High purity and mildew resistance.

B.Acrylic resin Thermoplastic acrylic resin is usually used in methacrylic acid. The main functions are: I. Increase the dispersion of pigments Ii. Increase the adhesion of the paint film Iii. To improve the dispersion stability of various components of paint.

C.pigment PVDF is a kind of ultraviolet ray through the sex resin, so the pigment and the supporting requirements are extremely high. Pigment must be high - resistant and can block uv damage to primer. Usually the following colors are chosen: I. High resistance to rutile titanium dioxide Ii. Metal oxide mixture (ceramic pigments) for high temperature calcining Iii. Weather-grade pearl pigment Iv. High - resistance aluminium silver slurry with a cover varnish to prevent acid and alkali damage

D.the solvent The function of the mixed solvent is: I. Is the carrier of fixed components Ii. Adjust the paint to meet the construction requirements Iii. Dissolve the PVDF resin when it is baked, and make good polymer molten crystal with acrylic resin baking E. additives To adjust the related properties of production, storage, construction and film.