Impregnation of labor gloves



Action flow of impregnated glove host:

1. Preheating: preheat the grinding tool to 30-40 through an oven.

2. Into the mold: manually insert into the cotton cloth (the mold finger is up).

3. Cooling: running for 1 minute, the surface temperature is 30.

4. Anti-frame: Enter the anti-frame mechanism and automatically reverse the frame (the mold finger is down)

5. Dipping: Enter the nitrile rubber dipping tank, the full dipping rack vertically descends, half dipping at 45 degrees, time 5 seconds.

6. Hanging drip: After dipping, enter the hanging drip tank to hang the drip.

7. Heating: enter the oven, use steam to heat, and use a fan to make hot air circulation in the oven, the temperature can be automatically controlled.

8. Cooling: After the product is vulcanized, dried and molded, it comes out of the drying box and enters the cooling section of the finished product for 8 minutes.

9. Demoulding: take off the finished gloves manually.

10. Cooling: After demolding, the mold enters the cooling section (air cooling) for 0.5 minutes, the mold temperature is 30-35.

Following is the specification of NBR Latex, hope this will arouse your interest