How to store PTFE liquid aqueous dispersion

How to Store PTFE Aqueous Dispersion



  PTFE dispersions have stability problems during transportation and long-term storage. Improper transportation and storage conditions may cause PTFE particles to agglomerate and settle into layers. This process is irreversible. Direct use of this PTFE dispersion that has undergone sedimentation and stratification for processing will cause extremely serious quality problems.

   Most PTFE dispersions should be stored at 5-20℃. The dispersion must be free from freezing to avoid irreversible aggregation of PTFE particles. The maximum storage period of most stock PTFE concentrated dispersions is no more than one year (many domestic PTFE concentrated dispersions have a storage stability period of only 6 months). Rock the packaging barrel once a month or gently stir the lotion a few times to restore it. If the storage temperature is too high, or is subjected to violent agitation and shearing, or the storage time is too long, the monthly recovery operation is not carried out, or even if chemicals are added by mistake, the coagulation of PTFE particles will occur in these cases.

   The microscopic observation of the PTFE dispersion shows that there is always agglomeration of particles, and the order of magnitude of the white agglomerates can indicate whether the dispersion is agglomerated or has been scrapped. A normal dispersion should be homogeneous and free of clumps even if there is a small amount of agglomerates.

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