How to Make Seal Ring from PTFE

How to Make Seal Ring from PTFE


1.Raw material preparation; ingredients: pure PTFE products, raw resin PTFE fine resin, mashed, sieved

2.Mould preparation: Wipe clean with alcohol, no rust and no attachments in the mold

3.Weighing, according to the formula G = PV (where G is the feed amount and P is the density of the preform (2.18g / cm3)V is the volume of the product).

4.Feeding: F4 resin is evenly distributed on the entire pressing surface.

5. Pre-forming (pressing): Calculate the gauge pressure of the press according to the formula, and set the gauge pressure of the press. To suppress

6.Demoulding and Trimming: Remove the semi-finished product from the mold, trim its surface to make the surface flat and the edges neat. Ready to shape.

7.Sintering: Put the semi-finished products into the sintering furnace slowly, put in the appropriate amount, heat up to about 390 degrees for one hour, and then keep the temperature for one hour. After the molding, the temperature will begin to decrease. After about four hours, the temperature will reach the indoor temperature and the finished product will be baked. Finalize the final shape.

Following is our PTFE specification, the ideal material to produce PTFE seal ring,we’d like to hear any of your comment: