How To Make A PTFE Disc ?

How To Make A PTFE Disc ?

Full Coated PTFE butterfly valves are beautiful with different designs ,
and they are suit for corrosive & dangerous mediums,also guarantee long service life .

However,no matter for a PTFE wafer/lug/flanged butterfly valve,a PTFE disc would be crucial.
So,what is the story for a PTFE disc?How to make a PTFE disc???

1st,preparation:High quality PTFE powder,a removable container,disc mold,heating boiler machine ,and coating steel discs.this disc is much thinner than normal ones.Put one disc mold in the bottom ,then get the powder into the container,then the steel disc,then,covered it with other disc mold.Here, make sure the steel disc in the middle of the powder.

2nd,shaping: In this step,technician would take the container on the hitting machine, adjust the pressure,push the powder hard and tight till it turn into a primary disc shape.

remove the molded disc from the container .

Here ,the PTFE powder coated the steel disc solidly and tightly.but they are still powder and their faces are dim.

3rd,heating.Put the primary powder disc into a boiler machine,regulating the temperature from time to time,the heating time and temperature are depends on the disc diameter.

Here we took 24 hours for our 750mm PTFE discs.

4th,Machined & finishedMagic time!!!
Took the heated discs and machined them,you will see this,beautiful shining smoothly finished PTFE DISC!!!