Fluororesin In Different Industries--Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry


PVDF, PFA and FEP resins are widely used as pipes and fittings in the anti-corrosion engineering industry due to their good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, non-aging, high mechanical strength, good processing performance and long service life. Linings for valves, pumps, towers, reactors and various vessels, and anti-corrosion films for valves, pumps, and meters; also used in engineering equipment to make packing, filter plates, seals, gears, bearings, bolts, Coating of nuts and corrosion resistant fans, mixing paddles, storage tanks, towers, pipes, piping, etc. After the FEP and PVF resins are formed by vacuum forming, the film is suitable for use as a release coating and a release film because of its low surface free energy, low hygroscopicity and coating formation with a usable solution. The PTFE fiber treated by spinning and sintering has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-adhesiveness and low friction coefficient. It can be continuously exposed to 260 ° C at high temperature, at low temperature. Even in liquid nitrogen, its physical properties are essentially unaffected, inert to almost all pharmaceuticals, and have a lower coefficient of friction than PTFE films or coatings. At present, the main uses of PTFE fibers are: exhaust gas incinerators and exhaust gas purification filters for coal boilers, non-metallic bearings, plastic fillers for friction reduction and sewing yarns.