FEP Ds610 for Extrusion for Wire, Tube, Film

Basic Info

Model NO.:DS610Synthetic Resin:Polyamide Resin
Natural Resin:RosinCharacteristic:Thermoplastic Resin
Molecular Principal Chain:Carbon Chain PolymerColor:Transparent
HS Code:39046900

FEP Powder DS610
Product description:
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene resin is the copolymer of TFE and HFP, with good
thermal stability ,outstanding chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, and
low coefficient of friction, enabling thermoplastic processing methods .
Conformable with Q/0321DYS 003-2013

Technical Index:


AppearanceTranslucent particle, with impurities such as
metal debris and sand, containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%
Melting Index, g/10min5.1~88.1~12
Tensile Strength, ≥, Mpa21
Elongation at break, ≥, %300
Relative Gravity2.12~2.17
Melting Point, oC265±10
Diselectric Constant(106HZ),≤7.0×10-4
Heat Stress Cracking Resistance-----

Main Application:
Extrusing processed for generic type resin ,mainly used for wire insulation layer,
tubes, film and so on.

The processing temperature should not exceed 420oC, to prevent toxic gas from releasing.

Packaging,Transportation and Storage:

1.Packed in double layer PVC bags, 25kg, then closed in overpack bags, every bag
with certification.
2.Stored in clean ,cool and dry places, avoid contamination from foreign substances.
3.Nontoxic, noninflammable, inexplosive, non-corrosion, the product
is transported according to nonn-dangerous product.

Product Description