Coat System PVDF Coating

Coat System PVDF Coating Work Flow


1.12 Steps Chemical Pretreatment


Step1.-Alkaline degreasing

Step2.-Tap water rinsing

Step3-Tap water rinsing


Step5-Tap water rinsing

Step6-Tap water rinsing

Step7-Chromate conversion coating

Step8-Deionized water rinsing

Step9-Deionized water rinsing

Step10-Deionized water rinsing


Step12-Quality inspection for chemical pretreatment


2.Dusts on coating surface are removed by air ionizing blowers

3.Electrostatic spray applied flash primer with dry film thickness 5~8 microns.

3.Electrostatic spray applied PVDF top coat with dry film thickness 25~30microns

4.Coated parts are thermal cured with metal surface temperature 230~240 degree for 10~15 mintues.

5.Quality inspection for coating layer.

6.As PVDF coating,our PVDF DS203 has fine chemistry corrosion resistance,ultraviolet ray resistance as well as the high energy radiativity resistance etc.It is the best coating for Aluminium products.