FEP Granule for Wire and Cable

FEP Granule for Wire and Cable
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Basic Info

Model NO.:DS602Material:FEP
Usage:General PlasticsPlastic Properties After Heated:Thermoplastic Plastics
Plastic Forming Method:Injection/ Molding/ ExtrusionColor:Transparent
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:LC
HS Code:39046900Test Report:RoHS/Reach
Certificated:ISO 9001:2008Form:Granular
Packaging Details:Every 25 Kgs Are Packed by BagDelivery Detail:Within 20 Workdays After Payment

Detailed Product Description
1)fine lubricity, insulation
2) flame retardant
3)high temperature resistance
5)radiation resistance
FEP applications:
Its widely used in high-temperature resistance and corrosion preventative products such as electric wire, cable, cover, tubular products, valve lining, etc. Extrusion processed for generic type resin, mainly used for wire insulation layer, tubes, film, and so on.
FEP(Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) resin is the copolymer of TFE and HFP, with good thermal stability, outstanding chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, and low coefficient of friction, enabling thermoplastic processing methods.  
Fine lubricity, insulation, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, radiation resistance.
Physical properties of FEP injection molding material
At present, the determination of molecular weight of F46 resin is still unsolved. However, its melt viscosity at 380oC is lower than that of PTFE, i.e.103-104Pa.s, which shows that its molecular weight is much lower than PTFE.
The melting point of F46 differs with the components of its copolymer. When the content of Hexafluoropropylene in the copolymer increases, the melting point decreases. According to the DTA method, the melting point of domestic F46 lies between 250 and 270oC, lower than that of PTFE.

Electric Insulation Property of FEP Injection Molding Material
The electric insulation property of F46 is very similar to that of PTFE. The dielectric coefficient of F46 almost keeps constant from deep cooling to highest work temperature as well as in a large range of UHF from 50Hz to 1010Hz and is as low as around 2.1. The dielectric loss angle tangent of F46 changes with the frequency to some extent but changes little with temperature.
The volume resistance of F46 resin is very high, larger than 1015.m. It changes very little with temperature and is not affected by water and humidity. The arc resistance time of F46 is longer than 165s.
The breakdown of F46 increases with the reduction of its thickness. When its thickness is larger than 1mm, the breakdown field strength is above 30KV/mm, but do not change with temperature.

Thermal property of FEP injection molding material
The thermal stability of F46 resin is next to that of PTFE and can be continuously used in the temperature range of -85~+200oC. Even at the limiting temperatures of -200oC and +260oC, its property still keeps stable and can be used in a short time.
The thermal decomposition temperature of F46 is higher than its melting temperature and will occur above 400oC. The decomposition products are TFE and HFP. As the equal end groups of the macromolecules of F46 will decompose above its melting point, please give proper ventilation when processing it at temperature of above 300oC. F46 is stable under its melting point but the loss of its mechanical strength at 200oC is comparatively great. The reduction of melt viscosity and thermal decomposition of copolymer can be analyzed by melt index.
F46 will not become hard and brittle at -250oC and still keeps a very tiny elongation and certain flexibility, even better than that of PTFE. As a result, it is far better than any other plastics. 
DS602 Technical Parameter:

Specific Gravity (g/CM3)
Melting Flow Rate(g/10min)0.8-2.0
Melting Point (oC)265±10
Mechanical Performance(MPa)≥ 27
Breaking Extension (%)≥320
Coefficient of Kinetic Friction0.3
Relative Dielectric Constant (1KHz)2.15
Application fieldsElectron wire, RF coaxial wire, carbon fiber hot wire

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