Anionic Polyacrylamide

Anionic Polyacrylamide
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Anionic PAM,copolymerized by acrylamide and acrylate,is a polymer with super high molecular weight which over 22 million,It has great adsorption-bridge effect,good water solubility.even can be completely dissolved in cool water,can shows a larger effect when used with inorganic flocculant (polyaluminium chloride;polyferric chloride).Different models can be used according to the different application and the requirements of clients for the products performance.


It is mainly used:1.Industrial waste water treatment;2.Drinking water treatment;3.Starch plants and the loss of alcohol plant and wine of recovery;4.Oil displacement agent for the tertiary oil recovery;5.Plugging agent of profile control;6.Auxiliary of paper making industrial;7.Thickening agent;



Storage & Package:

1.Stored in Ventilated,Cool, Clean and Dry places

2.Net Weight 25kg/bag

3.Should be Transported as non-dangerous product, avoiding heat, moisture & strong shock.







Solid Content (%)


Molecular Weight (Million)


Degree of Ionization


Dissolving Time (Min)

White Granule



Low Medium High





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